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Design by Sequence

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Genetic Art Proposal

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Some of my links on the topic of genetic arts:


Dataland. Ping Media Network. April 2002.


This site shows exhibits which incorporate dynamic, interactive features to otherwise 'static' data. "Intimacy Machines" and the "Evolution of the Ideal Man" stand out – the former deals with evoking empathy from a static and lifeless data program through interaction between an entity 'caught in the web' and the user/viewer (just like DNA's code status blocks empathy for perhaps the disabled or genetically diseased). 'Evolution' deals with interactive artificial selection, revealing Man's flaws and questioning the myth of the ideal. These are both grounding works among the biotech today – both bring us back to humble origins, remembering that we are not perfect, nor can we assume we know how to make things perfect. Our self-assuredness in the infallible code has broken our emotional ties to life, through the reductionist practice of diminishing all of humanity to simply 4 bases of a code.



Reinert, Birgit. "Culture in Mendel's Garden." Genomic News Network. May 24, 2002


Ellen K Levy's work using bacteria cultures as part of her paintings – she grows and studies the cultures, scans and manipulates their images, and incorporates them into a work. Algorithms serve as one source of image manipulation. I like the idea of using living organisms whose 'cultures' are unique in form yet follow a general pattern. However, I think a lot of the neatness is taken out when the bacteria becomes merely a picture and is not physically in the work (perhaps a sealed Petri dish, or one that users could interact with and feed the population throughout the exhibit).