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Design by Sequence

“Dolls, Dolls, and Dolls”
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Genetic Art Proposal

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Some of my links on the topic of genetic arts:



This is probably one of the most interesting sites. The artist follows a Darwinian evolutionary thinking. He breeds images based on some of Darwin’s principles and creates a family tree of pictures that he found the most aesthetically pleasing. Which parallels the idea of survival of the “fittest.”



SW: organic art
Kane, Leannah.


The artist here shows pictures of 3 different pieces of work and expresses her deep feelings for the way art is created. This invokes a thought in me. In particular the infinite possibility of interpretation. It’s enlightening to note that for a certain piece of work people will view them differently based on their experiences and view of reality. I took one of her pictures completely differently than what she felt it was.


SW: organic art
Holz, Cheryl. “Tracks, Ferns,& Fossils.”


This is much different from the previous piece of work. The artist steps into another dimension of art strategies and actually uses materials other than writing and marking utilities. The artwork is also 3D and that aspect is important to notice. The use of actual organic material mixed with inorganic material says a lot to the nature of this genre of art.


SW: genetic paintings
Woods, Lee. “Genetic Zoo”


A humorous approach to art is a good way to go. Lee developed a series of artworks entitled “Genetic Zoo” in response to debates about cloning and genetics. The cartoonish nature of these pieces of work caused me to approach it differently in thought. Instead of what deep underlying meaning could there be to this, it became haha that’s a funny way to think of it. A piece of art is successful I think when it provokes a response that a artist wants. Art with a purpose is more interesting to me than abstract art.


SW: genetic paintings
Scarborough, Chris. “Scaryboy.net”


This art is different in that it doesn’t necessarily use a genetic means to create the work, but that it depicts things that relate to genetics. This is a very strong way to bring off a point that you are trying to get across to an audience. It is very raw and blunt, so you don’t’ have to go through a of analyzing and thinking.