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Design by Sequence

“Culture and Identity”
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Genetic Art Proposal

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Some of my links on the topic of genetic arts:

    I found this next site to be very fake. The basis of this site was that you could buy artwork of your own DNA. The company sends you a kit, you send back a sample of your DNA, and then they decode the DNA and create artwork. The artwork looks like a colorful, printed version of gel electrophoresis. Many people who bought this artwork said that they liked it because it expressed who they were but are our genes everything? The artwork just seemed like something that would be “cool” to have in your living room, not a piece of art.
Keyword: DNA Art
Cite: Unknown. “Perfect DNA.” 2002. 15 April 2003.

I loved this site!!! This was by far my favorite site. I had seen one piece of artwork by Daniel Lee before but this site included so many interesting pieces. I like his artwork because it is very realistic and eye-catching. When I first looked at the artwork I could tell that soething was different but it took me awhile to realize that these portraits were of hybrization between humans and animals. I think that this artwork has a great shock value and an interesting twist to genetics.
Keyword: Leopard Spirit
Cite: Lee, Daniel. “Manimal Farm.” 2002. Judgment. 15 April 2003.


This site showed a piece bye Bill Scanga titled, “Eighteen Frogs with Pants.” The artwork was of 18 frogs arranged on shelves according to the color of the knitted pants that they were wearing. This piece was very simple yet it held a lot of meaning. I think that the artist was trying to show that humans have the instinctive nature that forces them to dominate and “take care” of all other animals. In this piece the pants symbolize how a mother would put a jacket on her child before the child steps out into the cold. I think that this piece also shows how even though we are dominating nature that maybe we are doing a good thing. Just like a mother is trying to prevent a child from getting a cold, maybe humans are trying to improve nature.
Keyword: Genetics and Art
Cite: Scanga, Bill. “Eighteen Frogs with Pants.” 2001. Genesis.

    The artwork that I looked at on this site was a piece by Edmund Palao. The piece was untitled. This piece was of pairs of shoes on shelves. On the side of a photograph of this piece was a summary of the meaning of the artwork. The artist was trying to show that in the future if everyone becomes clones we will all be wearing the same sized shoes. I though that this was not portrayed in the artwork because nowhere in the artwork does it show that there was something about cloning. Most of the pieces about cloning show some kind of copying of people. I don’t think that the message was portrayed very well because shoes on a shelf could mean anything; it could mean society’s expectation of order. I think that the emotions about cloning were not expressed very well and that is the most important part of art.
Keyword: Art about Cloning
Cite: Palao, Edmund. “Multiplicity Gallery.” The Wellcome Trust.