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Design by Sequence

“Genetic Calligraphy”
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Genetic Art Proposal

"Designer Babies: Reality or Myth"
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Five of my favorite links on the topic of genetic arts:
I think this was the best site I looked at concerning the whole issue of the idea of designer babies. I was sold on the idea of doing my paper on this topic after looking at the many opinions people had concerning this issue. I am really interested in the ethics and the whole science background concerning this extraordinary idea.
The piece entitled: "The Creation of Organs: Stem-Cell Research" shows the current debate concerning stem cell research. I thought that it was depicted in a very interesting way. I am very interested in the issue of stem cell research and just found this interesting. Maybe could use this image in the final paper dealing with the designer baby concepts?
This describes a documentary that will be shown about the possibility of having designer babies in the future. There is a lot of interesting facts and information about this topic. It is a good resource with other links to get more information when needed.,3858,4216584,00.html
This site answers a couple questions concerning the issues of choosing the sex of your child. This practice has already been used in England. This provides a good example for the idea of designer babies for the final paper.,4273,4307946,00.html
This article discusses some possibilities of where human cloning is headed, one being the start of designer babies.,7890,617961,00.html
Just recently in England it looks like the future of designer babies is closer than I had thought. Apparently the human fertilization and embryology authority decided to allow this practice on a case by case basis. Provides great points and an example for a paper discussing designer babies.
This is a great site with an abundance of information answering many questions relating to designer babies.
Yet another article concerning the issue of designer babies.
This article will be a good addition to my sources for my paper. It describes the relationship and effects of sex selection to the idea of designer babies.
This article is about a real life case where embryo manipulation was used to have a healthy baby born, free of disease.