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Design by Sequence

"The Racial DNA of Earth"
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Genetic Art Proposal

"The Genetic Revolution to Utopia"
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Five of my favorite links on the topic of genetic arts:

http://www.fbr.org/publications/gencur-nursedu/mod1-obj1.html summary of human genome project.

http://www.hh.schule.de/comenius/montargis/genetic_engineering.htm For/Against Genetic engineering.

http://members.tripod.com/~ngin/gmhuman.htm interesting issues raised by human genetis.

http://www.ratical.org/co-globalize/mmGMhumans.html essay over genetically modified humans.

http://it.mycareer.com.au/news/2001/10/05/FFXHDZQ02SC.html Questions concerning designer humans.