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Design by Sequence

"Relationships...twisted, random, forever changing"
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Genetic Art Proposal

Cell Culturing "Chia" Face
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Five of my favorite links on the topic of genetic arts: This website is unbelievable. I did not think that a male pregnancy was possible. However, when I looked more into the site, I began to believe that maybe this website is real because it was so scientific. There was coverage of a lot of information on this pregnant man. There were various pictures and articles on this story. However, even though the site does not say that this is a hoax. I've come to believe that it is because I went to Time and to find the various articles, but they did not appear. I guess this is a form of art work that is truly amazing for a man to come up with this idea with complete detail. Could there be a time in the future when males can become pregnant? This is hard to believe, but I remember someone telling me that it would be impossible because males don't have the necessary organs. We as different races are so similar in many ways. We share 99.9% of our genetic material and "there's no one gene for race." This link informs us about the Human Race Machine, which morphs a person into five different races: Asian, Caucasian, African, Eastern Indian, and Latina. There's a picture of a woman who appears as five different races; however, the only thing that seems to change in each face is the hue. I thought that this link was amazing by the fact that the lady appears to be different races by just changing her hue. Our society tends to link race by the color of our skin. This site was very interesting. This site may be true for the future to come. On this site, we are able to create a child by selecting various genes to create a unique child of our choice. With the new technology that we are coming up with these days, this site could actually be our reality. However, many questions arise. Is this way of making a child ethical? What is the perfect child? Perfection is in the eye of the beholder. This link is quite interesting. A male's face can be morphed into a female's face at a slow changing rate, which is controlled by the participant. Different commands are asked, such as, find the healthiest or most attractive looking female. This link illustrates how everyone has a different perception for certain aspects of the human facial form. This site is an electrical version of the game telephone. An image is sent to a person, in which the person can add or take out different aspects of the original image. Then the image is passed to another person. The series goes on to include a total of 20 different images. This project illustrates how one idea can be altered into various different representations depending on the person's choice of change.