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"As Seen Through Him"
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Genetic Art Proposal

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Five of my favorite links on the topic of genetic arts: science is now important for both biological revolutoins and art revolutions. this is extremely fascinating given that the two used to work independently of each other. "transgenic artworks can be taken home by the public to be grown in the backyard or raised as human companions..." don't we have enough of companions as is? what are cats and dogs for? i find it interesting that we always are looking for more when half the populaiton does not even care for their "companions" as needed. i am also curious to see how the treatment of these new "companions" will be as opposed to other standard pets. overall this is a nice site because it has several sections devoted to the ethics and the politics of all this. the idea of semi-living art grown at home is sure to spark arguments all over, and it should be interesting to see what develops. semi-living dolls fabricated through tissue culture (as done in the Tissue Culture and Art Project). this is sure to spark emotions and work the populaiton! to create an artifical womb and literally grow a doll, and then put to use legendary Guatemalan Worry Dolls (dolls used so that children could tell their worries to, and these dolls would be thought to take these worries away and solve them over night). these semi-living dolls have bones, muscles, and skin that are grown over polymers...but they are not clones, simply unique. all this seems to pose the question, is this really the age of "Loss Innocence?" then again, have we ever really been innocent??? mostly about dan harvey and heather ackroyd..i find their work to be a brillant article that deals with these guys and how they are working and what they are doing. (these are the guys who do the photography over large masses of grass, amongst other things). "human relationship w/ living biological matter in general." deals with the Tissue Culture & Art Project. -using tissue technologies as a medium for artistic expression. "tissue engineering holds much promise for improving the quality of human life." these guys grow tissue sculptures that are "semi-living" through the culturing of cells --->fascinating, really. their goal is to "sustain and culture for long periods of time various tissue constructs."however, this stuff is not to be transplanted in the body. also mentions the ethcis of all of this semi-living art movement. definitely look at the pictures of the dolls....theya re waaaay creepy!!! i would never want one around my home! but the photography of some of these dolls is beautiful. interesting because it is the art work of a guy who gets inspired by biology, but this site is really well done. his pieces on bacteria are quite beautiful. he also mentions weekly announcements about events dealing with genetics and art.