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Design by Sequence

"God's Game of Life"
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Genetic Art Proposal

"God’s Game of Life"
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Five of my favorite links on the topic of genetic arts:

The Drawing Lab:
I am absoloutely amazed at the site's effictiveness to teach drawing...I have used books before to learn , but this website was teh best tool I have found so far!! Check it out!!
There are a few interesting images on this site. My favorite was the Zoosemiotics one because it plays on the reverse copying that occurs during replication of DNAthe reflection in the water in reversed like RNA.
Really interesting pictureI liked the whole "we're all the same theme". I think genomic art is one of the best ways to portray that. This also reminded me of the movie GATTACA where the character stretches his legs b/c his genetics didn't make him tall enough.
VERY VERY VERY nice!!! if you skipped everything, read this one please! I was blown away by the assertion the artist/author madeI never thought about this!!!!
Just on case someone hasn't seen the movie I was talking about aboveit's really goodI recommend it especially if you're interested in this classit's all about how we're gonna use genetic technology in the future. I personally like the movie poster a lot!!!!!! very interestingjust in case you missed the subtle pointGATTACA is only using the four bases of DNA ;)