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    Genetic Art Proposal
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Five of my favorite links on the topic of genetic arts: One can navigate through the vast body of genetic/scientific art of Dr. Hunter OıReilly for hours and enjoy every minute of it. I selected this one out of the group not for being the best, but for being the most extraordinary one in concept. Itıs about the beauty of viruses, some of them kill humans, which is almost the same than representing the beauty of death. She describes them as being visually stunning and yet intellectually horrifying. I donıt necessarily agree with the second part of her statement. We all have came across the work of Aziz + Cucher several times already, but this images are hunting. I love architectural spaces, structured and naked, and I love photography as well. Both representations are very successful, even without the conceptual element. A thorough exposition of historical data, theories and sociology of eugenics. Have a look at this one. It maybe interesting to show it in class. It's eery. - Exhibition that of several artists work created in response to recent development in human genomics.