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  Design by Sequence

"Hidden Messages"
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Genetic Art Proposal

" The Missing Part"
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Five of my favorite links on the topic of genetic arts: -- This company produces music by transforming the genetic blueprint of different herbs, or bio-messages, into 3gensong2, and claims that it may help the human body. I am shocked that they can make a business out of this. The idea of making songs out of DNA sequence is already fascinating; the concept of using DNA sequence of herbs that are beneficial to human impress me even more. -- An online book 3Your Genes, Your Choices2. Using some case studies or examples, the author tries to explain genetic concepts in the language of the general public. It also raises some ethical questions and possible implications associated with medical genetic researches. I really like the case studies idea, which make the genetic concepts more applicable to everyday1s lives. -- Many multimedia files related to molecular music (Shockwave movies, Quicktime MIDI files, etc.) The music clips here sound funkier than the ones in some other molecular music sites, and sound more like traditional Asian music (probably because of instrument choice in the music piece). I love the way they have so many pictures and movies about molecular music. -- A site for DNA music fanatics. The site is very colorful, and contains reviews and critics of music by different composers; each has chosen their own subject and style. What's so special about these music is that they are not just music straightly translated from the DNA sequences of virus or plants. Theyare DNA music with a twist, and are used as tools by artists for emotional expressions. -- A site where you can create your own creature by choosing the type of body, mouth, eyes, etc. Your creature's survival depends on its fitness level and its interactions with other creatures in the virtual world. Occasionally, the web site will send updates of your creatures to your email.