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Design by Sequence

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Genetic Art Proposal

"A Brave New World: The Gene Bank"
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Five of my favorite links on the topic of genetic arts:
This website has much of the latest information on cloning on how it changes our lives. “Designer babies” stem from the idea of cloning so I felt that including a webpage on the updated news about cloning would be important. I have a lot of interest in this issue both scientifically and ethically, which is why I included this as one of my websites.
“Pure Science, Sheer Drama.” That is what this website says at the top. As much as designer babies are pure science, they are pure design, pure art. Yet, sheer drama is the only way to describe the controversial argument that has come up ever since the beginning of this topic. This website describes the scientific process in how the designer babies are made as well as archives of past information and bulletins where you can discuss with other people about this fascinating yet controversial idea.
Another website that discusses the possibilities of designer babies but with another side to it. A look from what the designer baby would feel after it is born. Quite an interesting argument when thinking about the ethics of this issue.
This website was already shown in class, but this was what made me rethink the topic for my paper and I feel that this could be a possibility in the near future for all of us.
This website shows that designer babies are not too far from being created. Already, they have started designing embryos so that it can be disease free. This is thinking in terms of the baby, however, the question of ethics comes into view. As the article states, the boundaries for designing babies needs to be set soon. As of now, there are no boundaries regarding how far we, as humans, can tamper with life and what is actually science and what is art.