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Design by Sequence

"Heart of Gold"
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Genetic Art Proposal

"Pro Genetic Engineering"
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    Five of my favorite links on the topic of genetic arts:
WhatisThis is an informative site on what ground the human genome project was going to proceed. Before the project was on a go, our society considers the ethics that were going to be played around and set grounds for them here in the ELSI.
I enjoyed reading this interview as Kitcher address some really good points on why we should really consider proceeding on with our advancements in genetics and he does this by never mentioning to stop the advancements.
I question the suggestion made in this site. I appreciate the diversity that exist in this world but to now pick and chose what our babies will be. What a boring world it would be if we were all homologous. Moreover, the survive of the species would fall as one of the advancement in survival is variation in the gene pool; we are now cutting it down with designer babies
CreationThis is another informative site about cloning. However this site takes it a step further and discusses the idea of playing God. In addition to this site, there are links to really interesting articles for example "Embracing Changes with All Four Arms: A Post-Humanist Defense of Genetic Engineering" by J. Hughes Ph.D.
I enjoyed this site very much. Not only for the great organization that was presented the site, but also contained sections about the "Classical Genetics," "Molecules of Genetics," and "Genetic Organiation and Control." Within each section, there are historical pictures and biographies of the Scientist who have helped create the understanding of DNA that we have today.