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Design by Sequence

"Genes as Artists"
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Genetic Art Proposal

"Genomics: Transforming the Way Society Looks at the World through Genetic Art"
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Five of my favorite links on the topic of genetic arts:
This is an excellent website regarding genetic engineering and the concept of humans playing God. The site asks and addresses questions like putting 2 additional base pairs into DNA to get trillions of more new proteins that
could have endless functions and structures. It also addresses the ethical side of genetic engineering and biotechnology
Another great site to review the ethical side of human genetic engineering. Published by the Christian church, the article discusses both the science and conflicts raised by such a practice. One person interviewed was a pioneered in the field that advocates for the abolishment of human ailment.
Who does DNA belong too? Is it a product of nature, or is there some kind of intellectual property patent that corporations and man can own? Does this limit our freedom as humans and whom do we let own this patent? Should we really use genetic alterations for aesthetic purposes? All this is addressed in this website.
Designer babies may or may not be a thing of the future. Will government allow science to make such a thing? Humans currently have mapped the human genome and are on the fast track to making such a fantasy come true. The site tells of the possibilities and when we as a society might see such a thing.
Strictly a site to discuss how to enhance human aesthetic traits. A little related to designer babies and how we can enhance the traits that give humans beauty and rid ourselves of disease and ailment. An excellent site to understand the logistics of human genetic engineering for non-medical purposes.