• Transgenic Art: Eduaro Kac
  • The work of Joe Davis
  • Ars Electronica 1999, 2000
  • Biotechnology: primer, GMOs, Terminator seeds, Monsanto
  • Eduardo Kac: Video
  • Generating ideas: Discussion of our collective surfing/research/reading. RR
  • Projects: Design by Sequence and final project/paper
  • Resources: UCLA Genetics & Art research sources
  • Notes
Reading/Surfing   Assignment

Reading to be done by April 24, 2003

  • Gibbs, W. Art as a Form of Life, Scientific American, April 2001
  • Sturken and Cartwright, "Scientific Looking, Looking at Science" pp.279-314: course reader

If you want more....


Reading/Surfing to be done by May 1, 2003 (Week 5)

  • Turkle, Sherry, "The Quality of Emergence," Life On The Screen: Identity in the Age of the Internet, Touchstone/Simon and Schuster, 1995, pp. 125 – 148
  • Sommerer Christa, Mignonneau, Laurent, "Art as a Living System," Art@Science, 1998, pp. 148-161: course reader



Generating ideas:

  • This week you will be coming up with ideas to research for your final project/paper.
  • Using the Ideas Journal format:
  • Cite 10 references in MLA format that support/expand a few key ideas from the research you’ve done over the past weeks and which you could want for your final project.
  • Record the exact search terms you used.
  • Annotate each reference: Write a brief list of key ideas from each reference and your thoughts about them in your Ideas journal.

Send by e-mail to instructor.
Due Wednesday, April 23, 2003 by 12 NOON.

Design by Sequence: Continue working.

  • Be prepared to present your project proposal week 4, (April 24, 2003) in class to the group.
  • Bring in your "legend" and concept sketches to discuss.
  Eduardo Kac


  Joe Davis
  Ars Electronica

Council for Biotechnology Information

    Life Science, 1999      
     - see "Why Biotech Matters"
    Sample from catalog: The Biotech Century
    Next Sex, 2000
  Terminator Seeds

Assignments: page

Art + Bio

          But the real question is this, can Monsanto or anybody put a patent on a piece of nature? The answer could determine who controls the future of world farming.

Ars Electronica


Farmer's Plight Shows GM Trouble ,Environment News Service ,3:00 a.m. Jun. 20, 2000 PDT

"Monsanto has accused the farmer of "stealing" its rape oil super-seeds. Schmeiser is counter-suing the giant American biotechnology company for about £4.2 million (US$6.5 million) for polluting his genetically modified free farmland without his knowledge...."


read about the outcome and ongoing news

"He was found guilty of a) having Monsanto genetics on his land, and b) not advising Monsanto to come and fetch it.

He was not found guilty of brownbagging - obtaining the seed fraudulently. Indeed, all such allegations were dropped at the actual hearing, due to lack of evidence...."

"...fined $15/ac x 1030 ac, plus the value of his crop $105,000, plus $25,000 for punitive and exemplary damages.
He also lost the improved genetics resulting from his lifelong practice of saving his own seed to produce his own tailor-made variety of canola, as the crop was confiscated.
The harm that has been done to Percy and Louise Schmeiser, now in their 70's, is grievous. But of even greater concern is how this incomprehensible decision will affect all western Canadian farmers - regardless of whether they even grow canola, let alone GM canola."

" Monsanto’s hired investigators operate. They come to the door, advise you that you’re suspected of brownbagging, and offer you a letter stipulating what you must pay to avoid being formally prosecuted. Should you choose to pay the fee, you are also obliged to sign a letter which states that signing obliges you to remain silent and tell no one about what has happened, or face further prosecution."




  Eduardo Kac:


Images:,, and all references.

  Gibbs, Wayt,W. Art as a Form of Life, Scientific American, April 2001