• Guest Speaker: Artificial Intelligence/A-Life - Eitan Mendelowitz
  • Christa Sommerer and Laurent Mignonneau
  • Harold Cohen (AARON)
  • Digital Biota
  • Art and Aesthetics of Artificial Life
  • AI & Art Site
  • A-Life/Interactive Arts: Video
Reading/Surfing   Assignment
No reading/surfing this week.

Design by Sequence:

Due 5/8/2003 in class.

Bring the following to class on the due date:

  • The "original sequence" version of your project.
  • The "mutated" version of your project.
  • Your "Artist Statement" which includes
    • Your name
    • Title of your artwork
    • Dimensions
    • Medium/materials used
    • Legend: what are your A, C, T & G
    • The ideas/concepts that motivated the work.
    • A description of your creative process. E.g. how you made the music structure etc.
    • Reflections on your artwork, such as: Your thoughts about the use of genetic information as a structure to guide what you are designing, or any other reflections you have about your creative process in the making of this work. Some things to think about: Is the "mutated" design different in what it evokes than the "original?" Does it convey the same meaning you originally intended? What was it like to have this kind of preexisting structure determine you creative direction?
    • The original sequence you based your artwork on (the actual bases you used) and the BLAST information you originally got about the entire sequence.
    • The mutated sequence you used for your mutated artwork.
  • The Artist Statement should be typed, single spaced with 1 inch margins. BRING THIS WITH YOU TO CLASS.
  • Send the Artist Statement as a MS-word file via e-mail to instructor by May 8, 2003 so that it can be placed on your project web page.




  Sommerer & Mignonneau
  Harold Cohen (AARON)
  Art & Aesthetics of Artificial Life

  Digital Biota

"The mission of is to promote and assist in the engineering of complete, biologically-inspired, synthetic ecosystems and organisms."

  Life 4.0

  AI and Art:

    Eitan Mendelowitz - AI and Art      

Links from in class talk: