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Design by Sequence

"The Four Building Blocks of My Life"
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Genetic Art Proposal

"The Elusive Blue Rose"
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    Five of my favorite links on the topic of genetic arts:
I love roses for their smell and visual appeal. Many people share my love of roses.You can see a few of many commercially available roses that have their own unique name, characteristic color and petal morphology. If you are lucky, you can get a rose named after you.
This site sells roses according to color categories. I can see the huge potential market for roses with blue hues. I always wondered why there are no blue roses, and after a little research, I found it is biologically impossible for a blue rose to occur in nature.
I was amazed at the different variety of ladyslippers created by artificial selection. This is a very old and simple technique of creating new strains of flowers just by breeding them. Because roses do not have the gene for the blue pigment, no amount of breeding would be able to produce a blue rose.
This page describes the history of scientific efforts made on the behalf of creating blue roses and offers me some direction for me to get my research started.
This is the Florigene company website. This company produced a blue carnation and is planning the release of a blue rose. Here's an additional link discussing Florigene's breakthrough on expressing blue pigments in carnations.