Michael Bandli Elke Jacobson Niva Patel
Sean Deel Kirsten Knipprath Sirin Petch
Robert Dooley David Lee Katherine Santoso
Paymon Ebrahimzadeh Tiffany Low Loren Sitomer
Miranda Goodman-Wilson Nady Nikonova Richard Smith
    Ji Yoon

This year's class is the first to produce genetic artworks using genomic sequences from the ULCA/Li-Cor Undergraduate Genome Initiative. They isolated plasmid DNA containing Ammonifex Degensii genomic inserts which were then sequenced by the UGI. The class used the resulting sequences in their artworks for their "Design by Sequence" projects.

Images from our May 8, 2003 Design By Sequence - Genetic Art Showing.
See student pages for individual projects.